Our Mission

Improving the real estate experience requires more than just tech. It starts at the brokerage level. A brokerage that supports and guides agents positively impacts the agent and client experiences and attracts like-minded agents.

Our mission is to help agents grow and succeed as independent real estate agents and to foster cooperation in the real estate culture by providing our agents and their colleagues with unique, high-quality technology services and by supporting our agents with professional, friendly, and helpful staff.

Our Approach

At van Winkle Group, our mantra is simple: “Word Hard. Be Nice.” There are many challenging aspects of the real estate industry, and we feel strongly that these two rules can conquer any obstacle.


Matt van Winkle entered real estate in 2009 after graduating from Seattle University School of Law. His first brokerage, RE/MAX On the Lake, opened in 2011 and grew to 85 agents in three years. OTL aims to help every agent reach their goals, whether they produce $2 million a year or $20 million. With one-on-one business development consulting and monthly training meetings, agents find the guidance and support they need. Our agents are a highly-motivated group – they’re collaborative and helpful; they share ideas and help each other out.


When agents join OTL, their production increases an average of 40% in the first year. Experienced $5 million dollar producers are mentored to become $10 million dollar producers. We value each agent’s success equally, and as a result, highly-involved agents have seen their business double in two years.


Van Winkle Group also leads teams in technology development and consulting services. After meeting brokerage owners at various conventions, it became clear that collaboration is needed at the brokerage level, so van Winkle Consulting was created to connect brokers to business mentors. The tech wing of van Winkle Group develops transaction management software and other industry-related platforms.



Work Hard. Be Nice!

WHBN Logo ROur office mantra is simple: “Work Hard, Be Nice.” But with so many different people involved in every transaction, one of the biggest challenges in real estate is working with people who aren’t following the same advice. The barrier to entry in real estate and lending is so low; we’re constantly encountering unprofessional and ill-equipped agents.

When my agents are faced with rude people in a transaction, I encourage them to seize the opportunity to really shine and show their value. If they can stand out, they’ll be able to provide better service and in the end, generate more business.

I was reading Inc.com as part of my usual weekend recharge and came across this article about the “10 Habits of Remarkably Polite People” and saw how easily this could apply to real estate agents. It was uncanny because I was also in the process of re-reading Dale Carnegie’s classic “How To Win Friends and Influence People” and in 80 years, not much has changed.

As an agent, we need people to want to be around us. If people don’t gravitate towards us, it is hard to build the relationship and trust necessary to do a good job and maintain an active sphere. I highly recommend checking out this article for some tips. Remember, being polite is a great way to increase your gravitational pull, and it fits right in with the four words that define everything we do, “Work Hard. Be Nice.” 

Going Paperless and Getting Organized



One of the easiest ways to boost productivity is to move to a paperless business and utilize cloud based storage for all of your documents and files.

I’m a fan of Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) for its low pricing, ease of use, and quick integration with all your devices and other services.

It works great whether you’re an individual agent, team, or brokerage. As an agent, you’ll have all your documents in one spot whether you’re in the office or on the field. Dropbox has an app for smartphones or tablets that allow easy access and use of all your documents.

As a team, you can all work off the same documents even if you’re in different locations. No more emailing documents back and forth or accidentally working off an old version. If you have an assistant or coordinator, it is easy to facilitate the transaction without having to ask for documents or look for things, everyone has the same information all the time.

As a brokerage, agents and staff and work off the same documents, with access restrictions granted based on who needs which documents. No more servers or documents that are only on one person’s computer.

For all users, your data is backed up automatically so you never have to worry about a “computer crash” and nothing will ever be “on my other computer.”

Dropbox is easy to set-up and for many agents, the free 2 gb version is sufficient. Cloud based document management is a great first step to streamlining your business and greatly improving efficiency.


Meet the Team

Matt van Winkle

Matt van Winkle


Matt is the founder of RE/MAX On the Lake. In 3 years RE/MAX On the Lake has grown to 85 agents in the Greater Seattle area. Matt enjoys developing technology and helping agents develop and increase their business.

Maggie van Winkle

Maggie van Winkle

Technology Director

Maggie’s specialty is self-generated organization and proactive project management. She has helped brokerage owners and agents with business development, training, process oversight, and technology integration

Katrina Hamilton

Katrina Hamilton

Operations Director

Katrina has extensive experience consulting and training real estate agents and brokers on how to utilize technology to improve their businesses and their lives.

Anna Lyublin

Anna Lyublin

Executive Assistant

Anna can always be relied on to get things done quickly and efficiently. She manages and maintains schedules for the company and ensures that every detail is followed up on.


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Located in the Pacific Northwest, we currently have offices in Seattle, Bellevue, and Issaquah.